Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ffilm 3 Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea Feb 25th - May 1st 2011

During this interim period of refurbishment at Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and Museum in Swansea, the curators are imaginatively looking at fresh new ways to interact with their  wonderful art collection. Ffilm 3 is the latest instalment of placing contemporary video artwork throughout the museum rooms which house the permanent collection.

Ffilm 3 includes well known and emerging artists including - Marcus Coates, Olga Chernysheva, Holly Davey, Angus Fairhurst, Richard Grayson, Idris Khan, Ciprian Muresan, Rosalind Nashashibi, Jose Alejandro Restrepo, Alia Syed, Mark Wallinger, John Wood and Paul Harrison, Carey Young and myself. The works have been selected from collections, commissioning organisations across the UK as well as films loaned directly from artists.

My contribution to these video interventions includes a series of 4 short films on a monitor, which is placed within a room of 19th century Impressionist paintings. These series of films are set in an expansive landscape, where the bottom of our home garden leads in to a farmers cow field. In this setting a series of activities and observations take place, including; Shit Stirrer - where a tractor with its ancient and rusty 'honey wagon' trailer, noisily spreads and churns manure over the field, and Sky Table - an atmospheric film that follows the natural events occurring around a rustic 20ft high, wooden home made bird table.

There is a comfortable ease with the placement and arrangement of these films displayed on a rectangular monitor next to the gilded framed Impressionist paintings of mottled painterly and pictorial landscapes. A sympathetic dialogue takes place between contemporary and historical traditions and medias of picturing open landscape spaces. This is an installation which evokes nature, mood, atmosphere, and contrasts through silence and noise, between observation and direct physical participation within the landscape.

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scott davidson said...

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